No. 10 Downing Street Petition. Remove the Airports monopoly from BAA.

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We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Remove the
monopoly that BAA has running UK Airports.

BAA has demonstrated (with its Airline Partner British Airways)
that it does not have the necessary skills and management to
upgrade our decrepit Airport Infrastructure (Especially
Heathrow and Gatwick) to a level consistent with safe, secure
and efficient running of an international airport.

The current fiasco at Terminal 5 merely underlines BAA's lack
of delivery on ALL UK airports under its control.

Whilst BAA was a government body, at least it was under some
form of control. Now it is owned and managed by a Spanish
Building firm, it is demonstrably no longer acting for the
interests of Britain: Constructing a £4.5bn Shopping Mall near
Heathrow and claiming its a passenger terminal is merely the
last straw.