Self Service...

Most of you readers know my connection with hadsl and its product - The Federated Identity and Resource Manager for Domino (or FirM). If not, pop over and we'll wait.

Okay. Now we've architected and built the application to allow delegated, proxy administration tooling for medium to large companies. The model we've found most often there is that the users cannot update their own environment, and must go to a trusted party - usually a helpdesk - to request stuff. Our tool allows non-technical folks (such as first level or HR) to manage that stuff, without knowing the Notes environment in the background. The Notes architect/admin loads in some profiling information, and off we go. So far, so good.

Now. This is extremely hard to do, but we've done it and we have some customers who could attest to that. However, things are changing. We now see corporates wishing to eliminate the reliance on the helpdesk allogether and be able to service themselves. So we could have a web page on the corporate intranet that the user logs into, and from there perform operations (that are configured and authorised by the Notes admins). Stuff like 'Move me to another location/department/country/server', add me to these groups (the group owners have to validate the request), change my password, backup my notes ID, make me a roaming user, etc..

Question is - is this of some attraction to folks out there ? We see this not as a rewrite but as a repurposing of our tooling, which could easily support both worlds, and even a blend of the two. 'You can change your own name, but you have to ask us to move department', etc.

How do you do it ? How would you want to do it ? How does your boss want to do it ? And what do the users want ?