Fingerprints, T5, and hacking. 'If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear'.

A demonstration of what can go wrong for folks who believe that fingerprint and DNA harvesting by the police (the latter is done here in the UK and they want to get all childrens' DNA next. Heathrow T5 was going to fingerprint *everyone*) is over here at Guidos' excellent blog.

Perry de Havilland over at Samizdata draws attention to the German hacker group that has published thousands of plastic foil reproductions of the German Interior Minister's fingerprint, ready to glue to someone else's finger to provide a false biometric reading.

So Guido's after a set of the home office ministers fingerprints to do the same here in the UK. Now this is good news, and will bring home in a media-savvy way exactly why fingerprint and DNA harvesting is wrong.