Lotus Developer 2008

This year, I'm presenting at The View's 'Lotus Developer 2008' Conference in Boston, from April 30th to May 2nd, at the Boston Sheraton hotel. Very nice venue (same as last year), and I'm staying in Boston for the Saturday and Sunday afterwards (just the way the flights worked out - honest.. *cough* ).

In terms of what I'm presenting, it'll be a mixture of old and new:

  • Object orientated programming in LotusScript - basic

  • Object orientated programming in LotusScript - advanced (this is after feedback that doing it all in one session resulted in delegate fatigue as their brains exploded)

  • Practical Web Services in Domino 7.x

  • 30 tips to optimise your LotusScript

  • Coding in LotusScript - the core elements. This'll be fun as its essentially a beginners guide to LotusScript..

So like all View conferences, it'll be fun, ran with ruthless efficiency, in a very nice location, and some very very interesting speakers (I dont include myself in that) will be there. So all the elements for a smaller, personal version of Lotusphere. In the middle of Boston. Shall we see you there ?

(On a personal note, I did my flights today, completely avoiding both British Airways, and BAA - the folks who run Terminal 5. Especially after stories of folks having to sleep overnight on the benches... I suspect it'll be a cold day in hell before I venture through Heathrow Terminal 5.)