Another trip to London

Phew. Beat the weather back home, and enjoying the 40mph wind gusts and snow from the inside of a nice warm house.. Always the best way to see weather. Two days on site, and a customer demo of FirM, met up with Matt White and the rest of the usual suspects for a beer (or 10), and endured another couple of horrible nights in the Travellodge at Liverpool Street. Aside from the beer, managed to lose yet more weight - must be all the walking. And as I suffered along with the rest of humanity, marooned at London Stanstead airport, waiting for the (inevitably) delayed Easyjet flight to Edinburgh, wondered how difficult it might be to actually run an airport, and keep it clean. God, the place had litter on most of the floors, and the decor dated from the 90's.. What a depressing hole.

I think I'm going to retire to somewhere nice and warm, and never step onboard an aircraft ever again. That would be absolute heaven.