Online Service.. And how not to do it..

Doing an internet check-in for tomorrow, and guess what I got:

KLM Internet Checkin.png

Now this is a picture that you never want to show to your customers. It indicates

  • That you have no decent error trapping in place. The customer should never see an internal error.

  • Its a bad error message in that it doesnt tell me how I can resolve this, or who to contact.

  • I've been trying for four hours now, so its clear its not logged, nor acted upon.

  • Its shaken my trust in everything else they do.

And I'm annoyed because tomorrow I'll have to spend 30 minutes in a damn queue, even though I only have hand baggage.

As a long suffering term customer of KLM, I was deeply cynical when they decided to 'Merge' with Air France, commenting that we'll end up with Dutch Cooking and French Punctuality.. I wish I was wrong..