DXL round tripping, Viewnify, OpenNf

Today, stuck with my arm around the u-bend of the iLug 2008 registration database, faced with going into every single view (over 100) and altering colors, etc.. "sod that" I thought..! So I downloaded ViewNify from OpenNtf, and 10 minutes later - fixed. So kudos to Martin from BizzyBe for a cool piece of code. It uses DXL round-tripping to allow you to set styles for views, and apply them against databases. Very very useful.

And needless to say, if we had 100% round-tripping against DXL, as Rocky's IdeaJam suggestion asks for, we'd have lots more of these tools available to us, to make our lives easier. If you think this is a good idea, GO VOTE FOR IT..

You know it makes sense..