Cloverfield. Wow. Its been described as Godzilla meets Blair Witch. And wow. Its New York, a bunch of nauseatingly beautiful 20-somethings at a party.. So far, so friends.. And then 'BOOM', 'SCREAM', etc, etc.. For the next lifetime..

The first person shaky camera angle is *really* irritating at first, and the characters - well, I was rooting for at least one of them to die quickly.. But as time went on, the irritation of the camera disappeared, you were led into the story..

Wow. An amazing movie. I wont spoil the ending for you. Go see it for youself. Oh - and unless you have a 100" wide plasma, go see it at the cinema. I have no doubt that on a DVD, it will have lost a lot of the amazing visuals..

One question I have is just how did the special effects guys get their stuff done, and then integrate it with an idiot waving a camera around.. ? And some of the effects are only onscreen for a handful of frames.. (The exploding head sequence for instance)

Oh. On the trailer, you can see the Statue of Liberty. Missing a head. But I was under the impression that the Statue of Liberty faced La Liberty - in Paris.. So she'd be pointing the other way.. ? ;-)