How Many Admins does it take to run your enterprise messaging and application infrastructure?

One thing we Notes folks forget is just how little actual work is required to maintain and update a decent Notes infrastructure. One place I saw had 1.5 full time admins for a 14k user, europe and russia-wide infrastructure. Okay, they were pretty frazzled, but it all worked. And apps, and sametime and quickplace.

This is of interest for two reasons. Firstly, the Ferris Research folks are interested in comparing numbers between disparate infrastructures. So for instance, if you have Notes, Sametime, QuickR, Notes mail and a butt-load of apps, then the number of Notes admins. If your an MS shop, then you need to include the sharepoint admin, the exchange admin, the AD admins, and so forth. You can comment on their survey over here. Be nice, be honest and prepare to show your management that Exchange does NOT save money.

(As an aside, one corporate customer commented to me that their forthcoming exchange rollout would consume THREE times more disk space (But exchange uses less disk than Notes, doesnt it ? Ah. No. Not if it you want it to work..), and 60% more network bandwith. All for JUST eMail. No apps. But hey, they're doing it as a cost-saving exercise. We shall revisit this site in a couple of years time and laugh...)

The second reason is this. If your the frazzled admin, then I may have something of interest to you. If your team are so busy that even just keeping things running is painful, and are having difficulty getting some *good* folks in (headcount freeze, department moving to India, etc), then check out our product - The Federated Identity and Resource Manager - over at hadsl. It automates, integrates and delegates user and group management across Domino, AD and BlackBerry handsets. So all of a sudden, those guys in 1st level support or even the HR department can do all that stuff...