Its been a busy few days, and forced me (in my medically impared condition) to spend the entire day in my dressing gown, reading a book. Fantastic. I got back from Holland late friday-night (a 9pm flight from Schipol - good grief!), to find my home overran with Squid and her friends. Not, as most 19 years old would do, having a party and drinking my booze, but sitting on the sofa watching a movie... Squid does have a number of weaknesses - good Dutch cheese, and Fasermints, so I'm temporarily in her good books.

SQMBO arrived home at mid-day on Saturday from a house party, and immediately headed out for a three hour lunch. *harumph*. And so its Sunday, I've had as many baths as is practical for a day, and only now limbering up to address the mountain load of work I have to do.. How middle aged - my high point today was picking up some low-energy lightbulbs at the supermarket. Rock and Roll, eh ?

Recent books include John Grishams 'The Appeal' (Surely an appeal for sanity in the American Election system), and another read of Christopher Brookmyers "A big boy did it and ran away".. The former is a kinda return to his previous glories, and the latter is pure tartain noir. Both recommended)