LotusFear presentation finally in - the 11 Commandments

I'm an exceptionally lucky chap - Mr Mooney strongarmed me into presenting at Lotusphere with him again, and since I owed him a bunch of favours (Worst Practices was his idea), and he does kick boxing - I couldnt refuse. However, we did struggle to come up with something worth replacing Worst Practices with. So finally we settled on "The 11 Commandments". Stuff that you should know.

Its a technology free zone - its more Headology (A wonderful Pratchettian phrase for Psychology ) and the main mains and goals of being a developer, and being an admin. And how they are usually polar opposites.

This has been a tough one to write - this has been one of the most successful quarters for HADSL ever. So time, pressure and my complete lack of organisation mean that I've just submitted them today - about four days late. Which really sucks.

So all we have to do is write suitable gags for most of the slides, make it entertaining and somewhat useful, and of course turn up on stage sober and prepared. Well. We can hope. However, I do need to find a good fancy dress shop for some of the props that we might use. And again I have to ask if the Lotus Collective Sanity has left the building, letting me stand up on stage yet again. Look on the bright side - I wont be in a Kilt..