Lotusphere Hog Ride and Roast


Now here's an idea. Heading to Lotusphere ? Have a motorcycle license ? Want to rent a Harley, head up country for a day, and eat dead animals ?

Keen biker though I am, I've never ridden a Harley. And since we're all going to Orlando for Lotusphere, why not soak up the whole of Saturday on a Hog Ride and Roast. The plan is:

  • Rent bikes from Eagle Rider (I just rented a Heritige Softtail Classic, Friday 5pm till Saturday 5pm) for Saturday 17th January, early. Like 9am. Sober. Bring your own kit, or arrange in advance.

  • (I did try:
    Orlando Harley Davidson (At the South Location), but you cant book em online.)

  • We ride upcountry for about 2-3 hours. Nice windy roads, nothing suicidal, at sedate-ish speeds. No killing yourself.

  • We eat lots of Barbeque at some up-country BBQ pit place. Why not do Canaveral (no time for the *big* tour), Daytona Beach and back ?

  • And toodle back in time for the Blogger party at 6pm

Get in touch if your keen. Nothing stopping folks driving along too, if you just fancy getting away from the Mouse for a while.

Lets not do rules, but I'm not riding with someone who's never been on a bike before, isnt wearing a helmet+gloves, nor someone whom I suspect is drunk. Therein lies madness, and Lotusphere is mad enough without carting body parts to Hospital, right ?