nd8 standard client and no installation rights...

From a frankly bizarre chat:

I have no installation rights on my work machine, which is running nd7 client. And I've copied an install directory from a standard nd8 client (the eclipse-based one) onto the machine and pointed it at the data directory. It doesnt work. Can you help ?

Look. Here's some help: Stop wasting your life. That'll never work. You really cannot expect 12,000 eclipse framework files to telepathically understand what you want. On a windoze machine, we're talking millions of registry hacks at least. so dont bother. Registry hacks that you cannot make, cos you dont have admin access. Use LogMeIn.com to call home to a machine you actually have control over. Or ask the admins to let you test out the new client. Or just work someplace that lets you do it.

Its not the Notes Standard Clients fault that you didnt install it properly, and has absolutely no way of figuring out (because you canno update the registry) what you want to do. Okay, you could do that in nd8 basic, nd7, hell v3 - but you cant do it with the eclipse based client. Get over it.

(Not putting this here to have a pop at the questioner - more of a 'dont try this at home kids' statement for anyone else who wants to save a million years of their life. )