Software Marketing.


I'm convinced folks who work in large companies wear neck-ties to deliberately stop the flow of blood to their brains. Perhaps this is a self-destruct thing, when the whole of the body decides that removing itself from the Gene Pool is the thing to do. Today, in my ever increasing attempts to find Large Company Marketing that works, I found... RHeroes.

Rational Users, there are heroes amongst us. R-Heroes... using IBM Rational tools and insights to battle the Forces of Evil - Miscommunication, Misalignment, Unreasonable Schedules, and Poor Process. R-Heroes answer the call to action - R U READY TO SAVE THE DAY?

Is this some piece of viral software? Some piece of social engineering ? Perhaps a call-management thing for emergency services ? No.

Whlst Rational is a pretty damn cool set of sofware development tools for sure, but this twaddle ? Does anyone honestly believe this b*llsh*t makes up for cranking out enterprise strength code in some godawful cube for some bunch of intellectually-challenged morally inverse mediocre middle-manager business users at minimum wage in some godforsaken corporate? Mate, if you life is so bad that this is the high point of your day, you are in a bad, bad place. Learn to play the accordian, and learn the words for 'Maries Wedding'. (No Link. Dont look it up)

Please visit the web site, and then see what on earth it has to do with reality. And many thanks to Jake for punching through the bland taste of 10 hours on a train with this link. I owe yer...