Twas the Twisted Ceilidh in Marykirk

It was the twisted ceilidh in the Marykirk Hall last night in aid of the Marykirk Raft Race. And what a night it was! Derek, Ewan, Neil and the rest of the lads did an excellent job in organising the event, setting up the hall, getting tables and chairs, cooking stovies, setting up games and blowing up the 8 adult sized space hoppers that were to be used. I rolled up at 7.15pm or so and was told that two separate Discos' had bailed and all we had to play music on was an 8 track.

I'm not kidding. An 8 track. With three boxes of cassettes. Scary thing is, that some of the stuff on the cassettes were very popular.. Now, I'm no spring chicken, but I've never used an 8 track before. Most folk under the age of 30 had never *seen* one before. There was no 'play' button.. So we trucked on with that till the Squid turned up with her boom-box, and a stack of CD's.

Now this hall is large, and I guess between 80-100 folks turned up, all ages, all sizes, and all states of fancy dress. Speaking of which, the winner of the female fancy dress was the Angel, the male was 'The Gingerbread Man' (Not kidding - a full sized adult gingerbread man [from Shrek] suit). And the winner of the kids was Ewans little girl, dressed as a fairy.

Because there really wasnt a working PA system, I ended up doing most of the shouting, organising the space hopper races, and helping out with the raffle draw. I think because of the volume of prizes donated (thanks everyone!), everyone went home with something. Some folks went home with stuff they'd donated.

Around 1am, we started clearing the hall, and Derek/Ewan announced that we'd raised over £500 for the raft race. So congratulations, and thanks to everyone for helping, partipating, and making it sucha good time. Shall we do it again next year ?

And remember - the Race Night at the pub in January.