Merge Contacts in Lotus Notes Personal Address Book

Okay. Been a while since I bunged out some code publically. Imagine the scene:

  • You have two separate notes accounts

  • You have a blackberry, which syncs with Notes using BES

  • You have a Mac, and an iPhone which sync using the Mac MobileMe system

  • You occassionally use Google mail

  • You have a linked In, Facebook, Bebo, Flickr, Skype, Twitter and PlaceWork accounts, all of which requrire maintenance.

  • Every time the BB to google contact sync lights up, it duplicates entries. And every time the iPhone to Google syncs contacts, it duplicates entries.

Yeah. You got it. Till someone (like me) gets a native Notes to iPhone sync tool, and a a native Notes to Google sync tool, that works and doesnt require custom agents, that person will make a fortune. Till then, you need some way of culling and merging all the crap duplicate entries. And Notes to VCF aint too smart either.

So I've written a really hacky agent that does just that. Merges, collapses fields and works really quickly. But. Because there are people out there who arent developers, or perhaps might not want to actually test this before trying it out on the CEO's mailbox, remember this. Your getting this for free. If it burns down your workplace, rapes your goldfish and hacks your bebo account, dont come looking for help from me. Understand this code, improve it if you like. This took me 10 minutes so dont expect much. It is a masterclass in OO design however...

Do I sound really grumpy about this ? Damn right. 15 years in the best ever enterprise eMail client and I have to do *this*? Hell, at least I *can*, which is more than the Softies can...

Download it from here, import it as a new agent in your personal address book, select all the contacts, and hit the agent. But before you do - make sure you have a backup, yeah?