Why go to Lotusphere?

I mean, its another boring computer conference, full of speakers full of their own importance, droning on about rubbish that you'll never use or learn from right ?

WRONG. Just watch this video and have a good laugh at myself (and a little laugh at Mr Mooney).

To be honest, I've not seen it - I was too scared. I dont look good on a small screen. I look best from a distance. In the dark Behind a wall. But Duff - who did this section of Worst Practices - did an excellent job of deflating any remaining ego or self-imporance (or shreds of self-respect we might have had). We didnt know what this section was going to entail - this happened live in front of 2,000 people. Scary.

Ya see. Lotusphere. Its a good technology catch up - and theres' lots in 8.5 to see. So pursuade your boss that an 18-20 hour a day conference for five days is NOT a holiday. Its not. Its hard work. But. Its good. Its fun. Kirsten Keen - one of the main queens of Lotusphere - encourages fun. Remember people learn more when its fun.

I'll be there, propping up the bar at the ESPN on Saturday night, Jelly Rolls on Sunday and - for the first time in years - attending sessions like a mad thing during the week.