Car Wars


Yesterday was fun. The Old Git gave me a lift from Blomberg in Germany to Frankfurt Airport, in his new Monaro - an Australian Supercar. My god, that thing shifted - wow. Sitting at 100mph+ on the autobahn as if it was stationary, and of course up to light speed on the unrestricted bits. Very comfy. So comfy in fact I opened my mac and briefed him on ID Vault for a meeting today. At light speed. What the german drivers thought (the few that overtook us) seeing the person in what should the drivers seat, tapping away in a laptop, god alone knows. Amazing car. Love it.

And after a very efficient but quite boring flight back to Edinburgh, picked up a hire car for a couple of days. Last train home (and remember home is 100 miles away) is at 8.30pm, so really at midnight, this is the cheapest way home. And the lovely person at the Hertz desk gave me an Alpha Romeo. A diesel Alpha Romeo. A Brera. Oh. My. God. Last Alpha I drove was a 147, which is nice. But not as nice as this 200bhp monster. And what a lovely grand tourer it was - 100 miles later, I wanted to keep driving. If only we had unrestricted motorways in the UK - I could have found out some more.. Ahh well.

Now which one should I get. Both? Neither? Which can I afford? oooooo. Next year will be *fun*..