"United Bandits of Switzerland"

Ooops. After my relatively positive story about banks, the Swiss have stepped up to the plate, and got all emotional and angry. Check out this from the BBC correspondent in Switzerland. Ouch. They seem to think that UBS should now be called the United Bandits of Switzerland (complete with dear white haired old swiss lady holding a sign).

And here's me thinking that to get a Swiss person excited you talked about - well - gold. Tonnes of the stuff. I thought they were the most unflappable, coolest people in Europe. Nothing short of a world war made them break into a sweat. But no. It would appear, akin to us Scots and the Dutch, the Swiss have a love affair with their money, and hate the idea of losing any of it. Good for you Swiss guys!

Best quote:

"The whole sub-prime thing is an American invention," he says in a disgusted tone, "but a Swiss bank got involved."

Ouch. I just hope and pray that the so-called Masters of the Universe who created this mess held all their pensions in UBS. And this has an effect on Formula 1 racing. Will Lewis Hamilton, who recently moved to Switzerland to spend more quality time with his money - come back to poor old UK to exercise his rights to lower tax rates ?