BA: "Please fly with us, were desperate"...


BA have had a terrible year. The Terminal 5 fiasco, the price fixing scam, the continued ability of BA baggage handlers to reconcile terrorist beliefs whilst passing security checks and loot baggage, have lead to this:


BA now promise to reward passengers - who register in advance - with 5,000 BA air-miles (seven of those for an internal flight). Note that this only applies to passengers who pay for 'flexible' fares- £200 or above. Right now, I'm fairly convinced that I can fly to Orlando from Aberdeen for less than it costs to fly to London - especially on BA.

Remember BA are the bunch of theiving b*stards who stole £100 worth of whisky last time I came back from the US via London Gatwick. When I called to report the items stolen, the guy just laughed down the phone and hung up.

Steal a scotsmans whisky and then expect him back again ? I dont think so.