Writing Practical Web Services - Lotus Developer 2008 conference - Amsterdam

I've been presenting fora few years now, and today something happened.. About 45 minutes before I started, I lost completely the vmware image that I was using for the demos of my session. Then a delegate pointed out that the NSF database on the conference CD was unreadable. So for those poor souls who politely listened to me describe code today, I'm sorry. And here are the slides in pdf format and a ZIPPED copy of the database: here

There's a saying: When your at the bottom of a hole, stop digging. So my frantic attempts to demo something resulted in me jamming a CD in my CD-ROM drive, almost blowing the video card in my MacBook Pro, and giving myself a heart attack.

Now for an early night before my first-thing-in-the-morning sesson tomorrow. Advanced OO programming.. Yummie.. That'll blow the cobwebs away!