USA top 10 movies.


Americans! Listen up. Look, time for some hard truth okay. There's this election thing on soon - this might have been something you chaps have missed the last couple of times - but its quite important. Put it this way. If you have no money in your bank account, this is where YOU, mr John Doe (Yes, even you, in your superman y-fronts in your moms basement) can make a difference. You get to VOTE for the next government. Yes. Your government. Okay granted the corporates spend trillions on advertising and of course there's the oil, gun, tobacco,

telecom and
lobbies. But somewhere in that huge mess of self-interest and pork, your vote does count!

Its quite a simple process - and I suspect a lot of you didnt do this last time or the time before. And I suspect unless someone actually brings this to your attention, you might not vote this time too.

I am NOT telling you chaps WHO to vote for. (We tried that before and it backfired spectacularly) Its all part of this 'Democratic process' that we Brits exported to the US (ironically after your founding fathers successfully seceeded from the UK whilst our regal prince was barking mad at the time. This might seem quite familiar to you chaps at the moment).

Why am I telling you - the most technologically advanced, savvy, plastic surgeried (well, apart from the Brazillians, of course. They *are* hot), connected, obese and indebted race on this planet? Because, RIGHT NOW, this WEEK, according to the above graphic, the number one film in the USA today is:

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

What. The. F**K

Honestly, pay attention over there. Before you know it, you will have lost all your empire, your money and will have to give back Hong Kong to China. Oh. No. That was us. But you get the idea.

Stop filling your brain with crappy movies about a fricking DOG for gods sake. READ a paper. No. Not anything by Mr Murdoch, an actual PAPER with LONG WORDS, and VIEWS. This also rules out FOX and CNN. But hey, you still have a few more weeks to work out who is least likely to bury your country under 500 feet of ice, sell your country to an oil-rich but politically unstable, suicide bomber providing bunch of billionaires, or give it to the Chinese to settle the national debt.

Please dont sleepwalk into this one. Hit yourself with the clue stick. Vote for who you agree with - who you think will do the most good.

I do love America, and although its a pain to hand over photos and 10 fingerprints every time I fly there to buy elasticated comfort pants (no really, I do. JC Penney has my size), I dont want your great country to slide into further chaos.