MS trying to take over the ODF standard ?

This article over at slashdot claims:

Of the 19 attendees, 8 are outright Microsoft employees or consultants, and 2 of them are Ecma TC45 members. So 10 out of 19 are directly controlled by Microsoft/Ecma... [I]f the takeover were to succeed, SC 34 would get to maintain ODF as well as Microsoft's competing parody 'standard,' OOXML.

What really disgusts me - if this is correct - is the way that some companies - MS in this case - clearly think that this somehow enhances their image. Their sleasy, lawyer-driven, innovation free, rip+replace, patronise your customers, utterly shitty Microsoft image. MS technical folk - or so I'm told - pride themselves in always telling the truth. Well, MS fanboys - tell me the truth: If this is correct, will you ever be able to look at yourself in a mirror ever again?

Thought not.