The Unified Gravity Corporation...

Every so often, human knowledge and understanding leaps forward. These leaps are usually caused by war (cold or hot..), or caused by disruptive new thinking in a field. Einstein, for instance, is now thought of as one of the great minds in Physics, but at the time, caused a fair amount of trouble for existing theories. This disruptive effect is really human nature - our desire to collaborate and extend is tempered with our social training to show consensus - to not stray too far from the pack.

And so, every so often, some new theory will pop into existence, and the establishment will shoot it down. If it surves the initial mauling, it'll be subjected to lots of critical analysis. If it survives this process, then it becomes dogma. Such is science - the desire for new tempered with the desire for proof. Unlike, say, Creationism, where some nutjob claims to have an imaginary friend with a good sense of humour. Which is faith - the desire to believe in something despite a complete lack of evidence. Both science and faith can live side by side - my point is never to confuse the two.

And onto the point of this rambling entry. Today, I was sent a link to this web site The Unified Graviy Corporation, which is ran by none other than the father of cc:Mail, Hubert Lipinski. A genius of a man (if you ever had the pleasure of meeting him). Hubert and his son have published a proof (available on his site) which claims to revise how gravity works. This itself is inpenetrable to me - you could take what I know about Physics and write it large across a gnats backside. In other words, I am to Physics as Microsoft Exchange is to stability.

My complete lack of actual mathematics and physics aside, Hubert and his son have applied for a Patent for a fusion device, which they claim:

The Hydrogen- Lithium Fusion Device is believed to enable a rate of fusion efficiency that is close to 100%...

Now this has my attention. A hugely efficient fusion device ? This is the game changer we've all been waiting for. Clean, free energy ?

I, like everyone else, would love to see this. And I'd love to be able to say that I briefly met the man (and his son) who developed this. The chances of this happening of course are slim, but hey - at this point in time I have faith in Hubert. I can only hope that this is converted into Proof at some point soon.