Lotusphere 2008 Swag...

I just had to post the two items of Swag that I got at Lotusphere 2008.

Lotus User Group Blogger Award 2008 FinalistFirstly, the LotusUserGroup Blogger Award finalist award. As you know, Jake Howlett of CodeStore won (and congratulations to Jake). I was frankly surprised to be in there, and I think the best man won.

A new iPodSecondly, I was given a new shiny iPod for being one of the Judges on the TeamStudio Spotlight award, which was incredibly kind of them - to be honest, I hadnt really expected anything in return. In terms of the competition itself, I had the difficult task of looking at lots of really good entrants - all of which I would have been proud to write. It was *hard* getting down to a shortlist.