half way home

Just got off the virgin - upper deck premium economy was pleasant if a little primitive. Tiny tv screens, no power at the seat and absolutely no storage area if you snag the emergency aisle.

All that pleasant feelings evaporated when I hit london gatwick. Herded through dingy corridors, indecipherable queues. And - classic - a new way to irritate passengers. You now need to find a uk pound coin to get a luggage trolley. What idiot thought up this? You've just flown in from international, and any uk coins you had will be buried. Ho hum.

A quick journey on the train, and the horror of ba checkin and security. Thankfully very little queues, but now a new stage where everyone removes their shoes. All designed no doubt to delay and further irritate the passenger.

Now waiting at the gate for my connecting flight, appreciating the 15 year old decor and the 15 years worth of passenger sweat smell. You can tell I'm enjpying this.

It was fun spotting yellow backpacks at the airport however..