lotusphere 2008 - wow

Sitting here on a damp bench outside jelly rolls, ears bleeding, thinking about this week. Physically broken, mentally drained.

The notes brand grows and finally shakes off its 'ugly kid' status. Develops google widgets, eclipse, jsr168, xpages, performance, optional 64bit, file attachment store, id vault. All killer features.

Quickr grows up and gets faster. Sametime becomes friendlier as well as underpinning its corporate leadership.

New products galore - this will require some assimilation and discussion. Foundations - nitix - and symphony both going for ms core market. The corporate blessing of mac and ubuntu, iphone. Blackberry getting better all the time.

Competition wise, nothing offered. The usual ms lame spoiler and dan lyons personal attack on ed all just underlining their lack of substance.

Two opening general sessions this year - the main room can *only* seat 6000... And commitment for lotusphere's here till 2015.

Wow. Its good to be here, catching up with all the usual suspects. Much discussion, beer, friendship.

Will I be back? Hell, yes. Book up for next year...

Till next time.