Web Services presentation - a clarification

Paul Calhoon - the Domino Java guru - kindly stopped me in the corridor with some feedback on my Web Services presentation. 'Whats this youre saying about not using Java for Web service'? (And since Paul is significantly taller than me, I had to answer!)

During the web services bootcamp, I showed how to create a java-based servlet in order to perform web service serving, and advised strongly against using Servlets (difficult code, you have to restart http in order to load it, difficult to distribute, etc). However, some folks may have left with the impression that you shouldnt use Java. This isnt the case - in Domino 8, you can now use Java in Domino-hosted Web services (as well as Lotuscript), and this gives you all the benefits and simplicity of the LotusScript web service, with all the power of the Java programming language. So that approach is well recommended (if you're a Java programmer, etc).

A big thank-you to Paul for hunting me down and making me think about this even more.