Live Blogging from Big Mac Attack

After successfully upgrading to Notes 8.5 public beta for the Mac, I thought I'd come along to the big-mac attack..

  • From 8.5, Linux, windows and Mac will ship at the same time

  • Notes 8.5 standard ('Eclipse based') requires Leopard and Intel processor only.

  • Notes 8.5 basic requires Leopard and can run on Power as well as Intel

  • 7.0.2, 7.0.3 both run on Tiger

  • 8.5 targeted for Fall 08

  • Originally targeted for 8.0.1 release, but was delayed (and slipped to 8.5) because Leopard had slipped (and 8.0.1 is out next week). Also delay waiting for Eclipse for Leopard

  • Productivity apps available in later betas. (Note that google widgets support will be coming)

  • Domino Web Access - firefox supported added initially and working on Safari support now (hence the iPhone DWA client) - in the Notes 8.5 timeframe and Safari 3.0

  • Sametime 7.5.1 runs on Tiger and Power/Intel (requires JVM 1.5 patches), Sametime 8 supports Leopard and point-to-point video support. Application sharing coming in 2h 2008.

  • Presentation running on Lotus Symphony on a Mac. Requires OS X 10.5 Leopard and intel. Beta for Mac in middle of year, and final release with 8.5

  • Quickr for Domino supports Mac Tiger/Leopard. Quickr for Websphere doesnt support Mac. Quikr Plug-ins yet to be decided for the Mac.

  • Connections 1.0.2 supported on Tiger/Firefox.

  • Notes 8.5 has run-time support for Composite Applications, and an updated version of Keyviewer

  • In terms of Beta enhancements, expect spotlight integration, NSD support, more mac-like user experience, Java agent support...

  • You can set up 8.5 as the default mail client for Notes in later betas..

I've just realised that I'm sitting in a room full of Mac evangelists, at the lotus evangelist conference. Does this make me doubly evangelical.. ?