Lotusphere Day one

Quick flypast on yesterday and today.

  • I presented twice yesterday - two hours each. My audience were very forgiving of my fumbles, and seemed to like the story. I'll get the presentation and the demo database up today or tomorrow.

  • The View Barcelona survivors group had dinner yesterday at Blue Zoo - the 'chips and cheese' is to die for, and the tuna and bacon can only be described as 'food porn'.

  • I was late over to Jelly Rolls, which was heaving with people, all meeting up again.. Good to catch up with old friends.. Who shoved me on stage where I had to dance on the piano...

  • Party back in my room...

  • This morning, upgraded my mac client to the 8.5 beta. Nice. Fast enough.

  • Sitting in the speakers room, assimilating the news from the OGS..