Lotusphere - AD101 - Designer client.

A few years ago, I offered to kiss Maureen Leelands feet if she gave us designer in Eclipse. An offer made more heroic because it was during DNUG in a hot summer. And finally - its taken a while - its now being shown on stage.. Wow.

So what are the high points..

  • Eclipse based designer released in 8.5!!

  • Not immediately on Mac and Linux but appears to be a soft commitment.

  • There will be a public beta. No dates announced yet

  • Demo using 'a newer version than this morning'.. ;-)

  • Eclipse allows us to see all elements in the NSF as a virtual file system

  • Infobox is migrating to property pages (not all done in first releases)

  • New editors in Eclipse...Lotusscript editor has typeahead, class browsing, etc. Very cool.

  • New design elements -

    • javascript elements (based on Dojo) for rich tex editing, views, outlines and so forth. Accessible too.

    • XPages - can execute javascript on the server as well as the client. Primary scripting language is Javascript. Based on JSF. Visual or source control editing (yay!). 'Separates data and presentation'.

  • Demo of XPages. Wow.

  • "We're not taking ANYTHING away".

  • Futures. LotusScript debugger not in 8.5 release. Formula editor debugger not in 8.5. Lots more extension points.

  • 8.5 will ship this year

  • Its looking good..