Blogging Q+A with Mike Rhodin

At the Blogging Q+A, Mike Rhodin was asked some questions. Now it should be noted that I've tried to summarise them as much as possible, and of course I may have misinterpreted the language used. So any mistakes are mine, these are not direct quotes, etc. Bearing that in mind:

  • Chris Miller: Web 3.0 ?

    Mike: Some interesting developments in the Web 3.0 arena. IBM 'Innovate' is a good example of a 'game orientated' training system. See the things in the innovation lab...

  • Whats the most disruptive technology you've seen?

    Social software.

  • Yancy: What did you have to cut from OGS to make it fit:

    Web 2.0, Innovation labs, (and a very long list of features). The intent was to allow each product to announce more during the show in their own presentations.

  • John Head: Hosted eMail - whats your take?

    Foundations will ulimately allow the customer to choose whether the applicaton is hosted locally or centrally hosted.

  • Rob Novak: can we eradicate ActiveX controls ?


  • Richard Swartz: Can we get more lotus certification available for SMB's


  • Mitch: More TV's for the game


  • Mitch: Toolbars for Lotus Connections?

    Working with public sites.

  • me: You versus the competitors ?

    Huge amounts of investment, lots of new products - surprised them. Core Notes franchise is doing well. And since the main competitors send at least 20 people to the show...

  • Bruce Elgort: Nifty fifty?

    All templates are being revised.

  • Alexander Klude: What is in BlueHouse for BP's ?

    Its a framework, its open.

  • Warren Elsmore: Foundations: How to sell to SMB?

    We will leverage some of the skills aquired with Nitix

  • Matt White: Designer on Mac?

    It would be a very good thing to do

  • Nathan: How can we leverage more people to develop product?

    Were interested in leveraging new models such as greenhouse, Wiki's.

I think the best thing to take away from this is that Lotus are treating bloggers in a web 2.0 kind of way - and are prepared to set aside serious conference time to answer bloggers questions. I also think the senior management were very prepared to answer any question... Kudos to Mike and the team for running this again.