Apple, Lotus, Air, Time Capsule and the iPhone Client

Wow. Lots of news from MacWorld - specifically

  • the MacBook Air - possibly the thinnest laptop in the world

  • Time Capsule - a wireless hub with a hard drive which can be used from all Leopard Macs as a time-machine backup target. No mess, no fuss, just an over-the-air NAS solution. So who needs a home file server now ?

  • The Notes client for iPhone. Not a lot of information on this so far, but if this were a native iPhone Notes mail/PIM client - wow. More information after Lotusphere. (Note that a lot of Lotus folks are using iPhones already by downloading mail via IMAP from Domino servers)

So lots of Lotus news coming down the pipe in the next week. Look out for Notes/Domino 8.0.1 in the next few weeks. Whats cool in 8.0.1 ?

  • Note compression. All documents within all databases will now be compressed (as well as design notes in 8.0.0), reducing notes database sizes by up to 30% (Update: I mistyped 80%. God, I wish...). Look for even more news on Notes database sizes during Lotusphere. If my sources are correct, expect even SMALLER notes database sizes this year!

  • 64-bit as well as 32-bit Domino servers - no more 2gb memory limit. This is good news for very large sites who want to put more than 2,000 users on a single instance of Lotus Domino...(Previously, you'd put multiple instances of Domino on the same hardware)

  • The Mac client should be released in the 8.0.1 timeframe, but is unlikely to be out at the same time as all other platforms.

Och, I'm starting to get excited now. Look out for more live blogging from here very very soon!