Whilst getting my hair cut this morning...

The owner of the shop was talking about a new Mac - they have a fairly old desktop one. She was talking about getting a laptop.. So I piped up "Heard about the new MacBook Air? Thinnest laptop in the world, apparently".. And as she's running a business we also talked about business leasing, etc. I left her itching to get onto the apple website to see..

Perhaps this is the meaning of pervasive computing - when most folks and not just us geeks - get computers. And feel them to be necessary, desireable, etc. However, it wasnt till I switched to a Mac that I found people acually excited by this stuff. Because (IMHO) Macs are easy to use, and not in that 'Bloody Computer!!" way that Windows is.

For instance SWMBO has a computer for running the business accounts on. And she has skype. But since windows is so dammed difficult, hasnt really thought of it as fun. These days,between her marathon Nintendo Wii Sessions (Super Mario Galaxy currently has her complete attention) and Coronation Street, shes curled up on the sofa with her Mac. And when Squid arrives home with veggie boy, they too just unpack the laptops.. Something I thought I'd never see happen after 10+ years of being a Windows user..