Oh what a day...

Yesterday was amazing. At 10am, Johnnie from the MacStore in Glasgow called. "Yeah, all ready, pick up when you feel like it". So the whole day, I was bouncing around like an idiot. "Ohh new MacBook Pro!". Anywhoo, after various project manager inteverventions, left late for the train from South Gyle to Glasgow. And hit a "points failure". And ended up taking the train via Carstairs - home of Scotlands Loonie Bin. Well, this country service finally took several hours (instead of 50 minutes) and was full of everyone from the previous two cancelled services. So I spent time, propping up the toilet door and chatting to some marketing lady about her very very old BlackBerry.

Finally, around 7.15pm, rolled into Glasgow Central. Sprinted (Well, walked quickly - I'm quite old you know), to the MacStore, to find that Johnnie - who had waited an extra hour and a half for me - had left. Unsurprisingly. So the manager dealt with it. Now please understand, this store has only been open for a WEEK, and I was the first business lease. I wasnt hopeful. But.

Guess what. Aftrer a very short wait indeed, a MacBook Pro, and a white MacBook were sitting there waiting for me. And a Bag, and iWork 08. Lovely. I think I was in there less than 30 minutes, and given my excessive drolling over the new iPod, and my haggling for one of the "obselete" old iPod nanos, not bad going. Well chuffed

So, back at Queen street station, barged through the ticket barrier, and got on a train. And unpacked the MacBook pro. Lovely.

Well, time came and went, and I produced a "Dont kill me" presentation for the missus, which worked well. I'll get this online sometime soon.

The witching hour approached. I was dumped in Montrose, with THREE laptops - one on my back, and two brand new ones. Missus appeared, and immediately spotted the goodies. "What the hell is that?!!!".. Well.

I managed to get her home without killing me - using *all* my diplomacy skills, and ran the presentation. At that point, she realised she was in fact getting a new computer too..

A perfect moment an hour later when Squid appeared. And on the dining room table was the Blingmaster (The old), a whiteBook (the mini), a blackBook (Squids) and a ProBook (mine). God. At this point, we calculated over 15 computers in the house. Scary.

Bed at 1.30am and up again at 4am for the drive to Edinburgh Airport, and JVS's wedding. Phew. Sitting with Coatsie, Suzy, SWMBO and various pints, having just enjoyed a fantastic dinner at "The Smoking Dog", in Malmesbury..

Have a damn fine weekend!