Squid got her MacBook yesterday...

My darling daughter ("Squid") is doing some academic course in Dundee, to which we have accomodated her in some palatial student accomodation. To wit, she has Broadband, a Phone, A double bed, en-suite bathroom, plasma TV, Two fridges, a freezer, a dishwasher (for fricks sake!), a microwave and an oven. To which last night, she added a MacBook. Not a pro - even I, at the peak of my consulting prowess could afford to squander my meagre salary on that. However, its a 2gb memory macbook (Black), various bits of software, and of course a decent 500mb external firewire hard drive. So. Basically.

My daughter has more comfort and computing power than I managed to amass before I was 30. And she hit 18 this year. Question: Do we spoil our children?

Answer. Yes. Of course,. she has me to put up with.

Sigh. I purchase my first Mac, and its not for me. However, she did get the same buzz as I did, licking screens last week. In other words, a very very happy Squid. And what are parents for?

Why "Squid"? Never seen "Men In Black?"

Och. Even to my stone cold heart, it brought a tear to my glass eye, seeing someone enjoy something so much. We *could* have done without the text at 5am this morning asking for support, however..