Thrash Celidh / Acid Croft

Last night David Clark dragged me off to see the PeatBog Faeries, playing at Fat Sams in Dundee... Wild. Think what would happen if you had a three-person horn section, two bass players, a synth player, a violinist, and a bagpiper on stage. Playing faster than is humanly possible. That is "Thrash Celidh".

Amazing. The crowd of mostly 20-year olds were on their feet the entire time, bouncing around. The Jazz/Blues/Scottish sound just kept rolling on and on. At the end, bought their new album, and asked Peter how their gig in Dunvegan - both their home and my dads - went last night. "A thousand people in a marquee. Amazing.". He then looked me up and down and said "Your Joe Buchans Son!"... Made my night..