CU, London, and "Making Money"

Collaboration University finished at 5pm on Friday, and those folks not racing home all met in the pub at the Malborough hotel. A nice relaxing social evening, finishing up with some beer and crisps in a suite, watching the IT Crowd. I wandered back from the Palatial Raddison to my rather soviet era Travellodge in Covent garden around 2am..

Saturday, and up early to meet Warren and Kitty for breakfast, and to hand over the HADSL software for the UKLUG conference memory stick. For the hundred or so delegates who managed to register - bear in mind that not only will your brain be full, but also your pockets and bags - lots of giveaways are planned. Warren mentioned something like 30 shipping cases of stuff being stored at the Turtle offices in Richmond...

A leisurely stroll to St Pancras station, to catch my 20 minute connecton to Luton.. Ah. Well, that was the plan. The badly maintained UK Railways again proved they cannot be relied on - a section of overhead electrical cable dropped onto a train. Thankfully, no-one hurt, I believe, but it did result in lots of cancellations, and a two hour delay. Damn. I was going to miss my flight..

Ah. No. Easyjet easily rose to the challenge of 'least reliable transport provider' when the Aberdeen flight was 4 hours late. Thankfully, they let me on, and so I wandered around Luton Airports' miniscule departure gate, and queued for an hour for a beer.

Finally on the plane, and caught up on sleep. SWMBO Picked me up, and I was home by seven. 9 hours after I departed, making it an average of 55mph for a 500 mile journey. Nice.

On Sunday, I got up with several crushing deadlines looming - stuff was falling behind. So I did what any respected consultant would do - I broke open the latest Amazon package, and read the new Terry Pratchett novel - Making Money - from cover to cover.

And so here I am, back on the train at some ungodly hour, tired and wishing I got more sleep. Still. It'll be a fun week, what with UKLUG..