Live Blogging from Collaboration University...

Live blogging from the CU:

  • We're having "Uncle Bobs Fireside Chat" at the moment. He's asking hard questions and being brutally honest. More IBMmers should do this.

  • Sitting at the Back with Rob Novak comparing Mac plugins..

  • Bob's running over his list of features.
  • Bob wants to make Notes a "Kick Ass" application development platform

  • Mary Beth is talking abou the future of Notes client.

  • The future of notes is Expedtor. Sametime 8, Symphony are just plug-ins for Expeditor.

  • Major clients are already building plug-ins for this platform.

  • 8.0.1 is a maintenance release - focused on deployment blocker bugs.

  • Several quick features are included too - Blog template and mail quota "thermometer"

  • Wow. Lots of cool stuff coming down in 8.01 and 8.5..

  • Best of CU.

    • Gab on Server features: Message recall - think before implemening.

    • Bob on Application Development

    • Troy on Composite Applications and Wiring

    • Tim on BlackBerry JDE programming..

    • Warren on Basic vs Standard Client - memory usage in 'standard' isnt actually bad compared to 'basic' plus office. Only 18mb difference in fact! And the Policy of Death.. A policy at organisation level, removed everyone from the ECL, and mistyped the signing ID.. All users locked out..

    • Mary Beth on Notes UI Bloopers - nice.. ! Again, Brutal honesty with the product development - well received.

    • Victor Kranz on making Notes UI more up to date. Very cool JSON demo. And Dojo... Ajax and Dojo, and Dojo 0.9.. Coool UI web stuff such as modal dialog boxes, drag and drop, themes (including high-accessibility, internationalisation).

    • Rob Novak on db2 integration. Its cool, its fast.

Wow. Awesome event. I'm just annoyed I couldnt do all three days. Talk about deep dive. Well recommended.