Bike news

My poor bike has been off the road all summer. Latest diagnosis is that the wheels, bearings and tyres are now fine, but the brake lines need replacing. You see, most modern vehicles use hydraulic brakes - where a pedal, lever and optional pump use a non-compressible liquid to push brake calipers together. So its important that all elements of this fluid line itself dont stretch. Old fashioned rubber-only lines are prone to stretching as they get older - and remember this bike is 17 years old. So its a case of getting a new set of tubes - and this time, as technology has marched on somewhat, it'll be a steel-braided set of hoses. Rubber with steel, so very little chance of stretching.

But a very great chance of me pulling a "stoppie" if I dont modify my braking habits...

Probably going to do a run to Skye soon just to give the bike a good run this year.. Anyone else up for it ?