The training wheels are *off* the macBook

Wouter and Chris.jpgFinally got the blingmaster imaged onto parallels on the Macbook - I had to copy 60 gig or so of data off onto an external disk. And isnt Parallels wonderful ? So yesterday, I set off for the station, with only the macBook in its bag. For the first time in 28 months, the Blingmaster stayed at home. At one point yesterday, I realised that aside from the keyboard and lack of "del" key, I was working happily.

To put this in perspective. Its been easier transitioning to the mac than it was transitioning to Vista (perhaps because of my linux and solaris experience, granted). Performance wise, the blingmaster is very good. And I'm a happy bunny. Almost bought a "switching to the Mac" book at Borders yesterday after I'd picked up the mini.. Bliss. My other little baby is back, and far far happier.. .

In fact, gadgetwise, I'm a pretty lucky. MacBook Pro, Curve, Mini, iPod. All I need is a pair of wire-framed glasses, a shaven head and abs, and I'd be 'trendy'. Or German. Or Both. Yikes.

Photo is of Wouter and Coatsie)