The Mac - and Leasing

Just about got everything transferred to the MacBook pro, and happily working on it in terms of VMWare. I've tried twice to use Parallels Transporter to image the Blingmaster, but had to pull the plug after 6 hours. It takes a *long* time. (I've found it faster just to copy across the 15gb or so of documents that I usually keep)

So whats good and whats bad so far ? Oddly, the keyboard on the pro has a longer travel than the Dells I've been using for the last 12 or so years, so thats taking time. And using the Mac scratchpad is "different", so its all just retraining my memory in my fingers. Some odd discoveries - I had forgotten that a Mac application always has a menu on the menu bar, even if its main screen is detached. And so forth.

I keep coming across bits where it just works beautifully, and am pleasantly surprised. Bear in mind that its BSD unix under there, so you can always get down and dirty too if you want.

So VMWAre - blinding success, Parallels - jury still out att the moment. iTunes transferred - no issues whatsoever (unsurprisingly!) and getting addicted to the 5 hour battery life.

In terms of leasing (assuming your a limited company - its a way of spreading the tax around) you can lease from a macstore or online - either way, the leasing company takes a few days to sort out paperwork, which you have to sign and send back. A really good 2 year interest free deal is only available online, and any internal additions - such as the highly recommended faster hard drives - are only available online. So if your wililing to wait two or three weeks as opposed to one, that might be good for you. Unlike Dell Leasing, whom I have dealt with for 10 or so years, they've actually managed to staff the desk with people who posess a brain, so the process is pretty painless. Expect to pay around fifty quid a month depending on the goodies you get with it.

One last point to remember. You can run XP (I *have* to) or Vista (spit!) using Parallels or VMWAre, and using BootCamp, you can dual boot to XP - god knows why you'd do this. And that Macs are Vista certified, so if you had a moment of insantity, you could just slap Vista on there. So given that NeoOffice is free (openOffice for the Mac), Notes 801 will be on the Mac, and you have the safety net of Windows.. Why settle for anything else ?

On the other hand, like me if you believe that Windows is now legacy code, then its the next step forward..