Brill is "8.0"...

BrillBirthday08.jpgAnd in shock news, Lotus's marketing machine - Ed Brill - has another birthday. However, whilst tuning up the marketing message, he found that his opposition didnt find it as in-tune as the customers do.

Another shock announcement - that his birthday present - the Notes Domino 8 release - was held back in order NOT to coincide with his birthday. Grumpy Lotus Boss Mike Rhonin (and occasional blogger) was heard to comment "My Birthday is in November, and we cant hold it back that far. Sam as we all know doesnt have a birthday, and Kevins was earlier this year. Why should we be nice to Ed? Harrumph!". His twin brother and sometime stunt double - Alan Lepofsky - celebrates his later in the year as part of the agreement to keep the cloning experiments secret. Alan commented "Why does he get his birthday first? "

Happy Birthday Ed - many more of them!