ADSL fixed.. I hope...


Thank god. The BT (or "OpenReach" as that part is called) appeared at 9am. On examining the house wiring found:

  • The previous attempt at fitting a new "clean" master socket had left the old cabling in. That was chopped out. And the outside junction box properly sealed down.

  • Instead of the new master socket having a continuous piece of cable from the pole, the previous guy had put in an open "punch-down" board, joining two cables together. Which he then left in damp sand under the house. So hence the boardband connection going south every time it rained.

  • The "new" cable on the pole junction box was pulled across the punch-down connectors instead of routed. Unlikely to have been a factor.

  • In order to shorten the cable under the floor, the master socket has been moved closer to the outside wall, and a new faceplate based master socket fitted. Class!

So. As you can see, the SpeedTouch ASDSL router is now synching at 3mb! Way-hey! And the error second rate is way down - down to zero. In fact, the BT engineer was using an external USB driven ADSL modem, and *it* was only syncing at 2.3mb.. So if you have a long line length - the Thomson SpeedTouch ADSL routers are well recommended.

Poor guy. Up a pole, up a ladder at the outside of our house, and then half an hour under the floor routing cables. And I got the feeling - though he was too professional to say - that the previous cabling guy made a pigs ear of things.

Lessons learnt:

  • "Cry once, Pay dear". In other words, invest in the correct ADSL kit in the first place. Something that shows you error seconds. I'm a big fan of the speedTouch stuff now.

  • When you have a BT chap do wiring, be there and ask questions. If I'd been there last time and said "Why are you connecting the old house wiring?" or "Why is there a junction box under the floor", I would have saved four months of grief.