Woe is me.. Or rather my DSL


And there, from the ADSLGuide.Org.UK website speed test - is my current ADSL speed settings. Pitifully low. I suspect a line fault, but of course before being escalated, my new ADSL provider Zen has had me do a few checks. These comprise:

  • Trying another ADSL router. I started off with a NetGear 834, swapped with another (£12 off eBay!) and then a Thomson SpeedTouch (£30 off eBay). No improvement.

  • Bypass any house wiring and plug straight into the BT socket. Nada.

  • Remove the faceplate, plug straight into "test" socket. Nada.

  • Leave to run continuously for several days and hope the BT end improves speed. Nada.

  • Finally, with the SpeedTouch, I was able to get error results on the line:


. All the stuff ringed in red basically should be zero.

And the frustrating thing, is that I spent weeks sorting out (and paying for!) a new line from BT so that the speed would improve. And of course, I switched from Nildram over this very issue when I discovered that it took 40 minutes per call to actually get through to someone who might know what they're doing, as opposed to Zen - usually through to someone who knows more than me, in under two minutes.

Hence my lack of on-line-ness. I'm on a train for four hours per day, and disconnected from the web during working hours. So when I get home and find my 10kb/sec ADSL connection, I feel I'm back to the 90's..