Lotusphere 2008 is open!


It starts! My advice is to book early to get the early bird discount, to stay in the Dolphin, Swan or Yacht Club, and to get there on Friday evening. So your fresh and ready for the Saturday afternoon fun, and over your jetlag for the jumpstarts on Sunday. Remember, it does run till Thursday around 4pm - so us European folks tend to stay the thursday night too.

Cheaper options include staying at the All Star Sports, villas, and so forth. However you do tend to lose two hours per day on the bus.. Oh. And get fit, get comfortable shoes. You'll appreciate this advice..

Oh. And last year, I suspect it hit 7,000 delegates. So there will be more this year. It will sell out, and there probably will be two opening general sessions. Last year, they squeezed 1,000 IBMmers and the rest of the non-delegates over to the swan to watch the opening session on video. 2008 - my guess - is that the delegates will outnumber the 7,000 seating capacity of the main hall, for the first time this century..

Should be a blast...

(No, I have no insider information, yes this is all speculation, and yes, I've been to quite a few of them. Nuff said.)