Almost forgot - Happy Independence Day, Murika!

And anytime you wish to rejoin the UK (you know,

free healcare,
no handguns,
decent holidays,
good TV,
Decent TV Advertising (and less of it!),
employment rights,
decent beer,
state pension,
hormone free beef,
no GM food,
driving on the proper side of the road,
stick shift,
$7-$8/gallon fuel (94p/liter - $1.86/liter - $7.44/Imp Gal),
smoking ban,
$10+/packet cigarettes (£5.70 -> $11.40!),
no Ford Taurus,
and decent tea) -

just ask. I'm sure the current Prime Minister will accomodate you for a small fee.

Yes, of course I'm kidding! Have a good holiday!