A dream job...

Up at sparrow-fart this morning, and on the train to Edinburgh by 6.38. God. What an ungodly time of the day. But I'm all enthusiastic - for the first time in ages. Why ? Well, I think I might have finally got a wee contract that combines my technical knowlege, communication skills and great love of Beer. Yes! I'm working for a BREWERY! Woo-hooo!

And its in Edinbugh - where some of the best beer comes from.. Mmm.. And during the festival too..

Och, if only we didnt move from Edinubugh some 14 years ago - despite owning a huge chunk of land and a huge house in Marykirk, I doubt we could afford to move back to town.. Shame.. Ahh well. Just going to have to make the most of the next few weeks, and go Festival/Fringe hopping as much as possible..

What ? Never heard of the Edinburgh Festival ? And the Fringe ? And the Comedy Festival? The Blues Festival? The TV conference? Over 1,500 shows per DAY for the whole of August, in my favourite city. Its probably too late to do anythig this year - I'm guessing the nearest empty hotel room is in Glasgow - but put it on your calendars for next year, m'kay?