Tractor Maintenance...

Bloody LawnmowerDoes my DIY skills know no start ?. Our wee ride-on lawnmower (a Champion Easylife Ride on Lawnmower) has given us nothing but grief since we got it four years ago. Every time it comes back from the shop - something else is borked. This time - throttle control.

So, if you have one of these things, and its going really slowly -despite the throttle being on full, etc, chances are that the thottle linkage spring has decided not to be very springy anymore. So. How to fix it ?

  • Pop off the red cover over the engine.

  • Make sure the engine isnt running for gods sake.

  • Stand at the right hand side of the tractor, peering down. Between you and the center of the engine is a black, rubberised cover with two screws holding it in place. If the front of the tractor is the "12-o-clock" position on a clock face, this is between 2pm and 4m. Undo the screws, and you'll see the air filter. This can just be picked out - no fixing.

  • At the front and between the air filter and the engine, is a spring connecting a metal rod with the throttle linkage. Its probably this spring thats not springing too well. You have two alternatives:

    • Buy a new spring. Good luck.

    • Put an elastic band along the same route as the spring. This is what we did. The band was slightly longer than the spring, so whilst idling the band was loose. Howevever, on the upper throttle ranges, its back to its normal throaty roar...

  • And there you have it. Another expensive trip to the shop avoided.

Currently, my wife is zooming around the garden...