Lands of Loyal Hotel, Alyth, Perthshire...

For those folks wondering where I took SWMBO for our 20th Wedding anniversary - I took her for a meal and a night away in a four poster bed at the Lands of Loyal Hotel in Alyth, Perthshire. (Apologies for the Microsoft Live mapping link - they have a better ariel aerial photo). And it was lovely. The food is excellent, the staff extremely attentive, the room comforable, the bar well stocked.. Bliss.

For those who suggested I take the missus to somewhere "with a tablecloth", we did actually drive past McDonalds in Forfar, where I had suggested to her that I had a tablecloth, candelabra, silver cutlery and china plates with me. Still gotta do that sometime..

20 years previous to this, we were in a tent in a slate quarry in Fort Augustus, swatting away midges with an empty southern comfort bottle. In the middle of a bus strike. Without a car. You get the picture.

The scary thing is that on the next 20 year anniversary, I'll still not be retired.

And a big thank you to David Clark for recommending this to me ages ago!